NZXT Announces H440 Case and Shine 3 Gaming Keyboard

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Not to get lost in the CES shuffle, NZXT unveiled the new H440 case as well as the matching Shine 3 mechanical gaming keyboard. In addition to keeping with NZXT’s traditional good looks, the H440 will feature an integrated power supply shroud and four of the new FN V2 fans. The shroud will make cable management a breeze and make for an awesome view from the case’s side window. The H440 should have plenty of room for watercooling and will be available in white/black or black/red.

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Below is the full press release for further information:

Los Angeles, CA – Taking the sleek, modern designs of the H series to a whole new level, the H440 shatters tradition to bring you the cleanest PC ever, inside and out.

NZXT has taken a bold step and completely removed the antiquated and often unused 5.25” optical bays to make room for a host of chassis improvements and innovations. Looking through the H440’s massive full-view window will reveal an interior specially engineered to make any build seamless and beautiful.

An integrated power supply shroud completely conceals cables and offers an unprecedented amount of cable management space. Additionally, you’ll find two SSD trays mounted above the shroud along with proper cutouts for precise cable routing. Four of NZXT’s newly designed steel HDD trays are also included for additional storage expansion.

The H440 is the first case to include NZXT’s next generation case fans, the FN V2. 1 rear 140mm exhaust fan and 3 front 120mm intake fans provide an effective and comprehensive cooling solution right out of the box. Supporting both 140mm and 120mm fans, the steel top and front panels come Kraken™ ready– fitting radiators up to 360mm in size to offer versatile water cooling options in a sleek, minimalist package.
With its groundbreaking new interior design, the H440 guarantees a streamlined PC-building experience without sacrificing any of the luxuries builders have grown accustomed to in a high performance case.

Simply put, the H440 provides all of the tools required to create and showcase a remarkably clean system.

Available now for pre-order on the NZXT Armory Store, the H440 comes in white/black and black/red for $119. The new retail versions of the 120mm FN V2 and 140mm FN V2 will also be available soon for $8.99 and $9.99 respectively.

For now the case is only available on NZXT’s website for pre-order. I expect it to be available elsewhere in a few weeks.

To go along with the new case, NZXT also announced the Shine 3 keyboard, which will be available in matching colors. This mechanical keyboard was designed in collaboration with Ducky Channel and will only be offered in limited quantities exclusively on the NZXT website.

Below is the full press release:

Los Angeles, CA – In celebration of the H440 launch, NZXT is happy to announce its collaboration with Ducky Channel to create the extremely limited edition NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard.

Available in black/white and black/red flavors, the keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches and an abundance of LED backlighting capabilities.
The NZXT Shine 3 features seven different backlighting modes with user defined dynamic LED backlight areas, allowing you to choose exactly which keys you would like to have illuminated.

Physical DIP switches allow you to access additional features such as: windows key lockout, ctrl and capslock swap, windows key and alt swap, or demo mode.

The Shine 3 also comes standard with a braided, detachable cable and will be available exclusively on the NZXT Armory Store for $149.99.

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Stay tuned for more information about the H440 and maybe even a review.

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That's pretty sexy in white but no rad mount on the top?

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Thanks. I've been wondering when I'd see a case without 5-1/4" front bays. Maybe they're prevalent, I just haven't been looking. But I do like it. Next will be software releases, other than downloads, that are available on USB sticks instead of plastic discs.

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Man, I'm looking for a new case and I just might bite. This think looks beautiful. My only dilemma is which version? They're both giant boxes of eye candy.

Edit: Almost bought it until I realized it has 2mm of clearance with my Gigabyte GTX 770. That seems to be cutting it close. It looks like you can take each drive try out separately, but I can't really tell. Anyone know if that's the case?

Edit 2: Nevermind, look like they're all separate so I should be fine. Looks like I've got myself a sexy new case in the mail :)

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