OCZ Announce the “World’s First 1 TB 2.5 in SSD”

Image courtesy OCZtechnology.com
Image courtesy OCZtechnology.com

Got $1,100 burning a hole in your pocket? Want to rock 1TB of SSD storage in your laptop or desktop? Well you’re in luck! OCZ recently announced the launch of their “Indilinx Everest-based Octane SATA 3.0 and SATA 2.0 SSD” drives, with capacities up to 1TB. Just think: it wasn’t that long ago that just a few gigabytes was a lot for SSD storage. Now, you can get 1 TB of SSD storage in a small 2.5″ form factor. The product line spec’s, as shown on OCZ’s press release page, are below. Will you be saving up to get one? Let us know! Post your thoughts in the comments.

-John Tyra (Jmtyra)



– Dual Core CPU
– Up to 512MB DRAM cache
– 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB models
– High sequential speeds:
   Octane (SATA 3.0) Read: 560MB/s; Write: 400MB/s
Octane-S2 (SATA 2.0) Read: 275MB/s; Write: 265MB/s
– High transactional performance – Optimized for 4K to 16K compressed files

Octane (SATA 3.0) 45,000 random read 4K IOPS
Octane-S2 (SATA 2.0) 30,000 random read 4K IOPS
– Industry-low latency:
   Read: 0.06ms; Write: 0.09ms
– Strong performance at low queue depths (QD 1 – 3)
– Up to 8 channels with up to 16-way Interleaving
– Advanced BCH ECC engine enabling more than 70 bits correction capability per 1KB of data
– Proprietary NDurance™ Technology: increases NAND life up to 2X of the rated P/E cycles
– Efficient NAND Flash management: Dynamic and static wear-leveling, and background garbage collection
– Boot time reduction optimizations
– NCQ support up to 32 queue depth
– End-to-end data protection
– TRIM support
– Industry standard SMART reporting

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