Oh Woe Is Joe!

Intel plans to abandon GHz in its naming nomenclaure.

What’s important about this is that Intel plans to do this through the whole process line, so it’s not just a matter of making notebook Baniases or Dothans look better.

When you have numbers, sell numbers. When the numbers aren’t going your way, sell something else, like new numbers you’ve just made up.

Or, probably just as much, Celeron sales are getting out of hand. People see a Celeron system with the same GHz for less than the PIV system, and buy that instead.

If you’re on top of this, it’s a minor irritant.

But if you’re not, this is an attempted revolution.

What’s Joe Sixpack and Suit going to do? Intel has just taken away his or her measuring stick.

What are they going to do about it?

They’re not going to demand it back. Do you know why? Because no one selling them computers are going to take them away to begin with.

Instead of Best Buy selling an “Intel 2.8GHz Pentium IV system”, they’ll just sell a “2.8GHz Intel Pentium IV Model 542 system.”

So much for the revolution.


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