OK, Dopes . . .

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Viewsonic is now talking about “1ms” response on their flat screens. This claim is pretty well derided here:

There’s more to this than what one manufacturer is trying to get away with, though; they’re hardly the only ones.

As the train of technical advancement continues to slow, there will be increased efforts to make it look like the train is speeding along.

The first question one ought to ask is “Whom are they trying to fool?” You might think Joe Sixpack at first, but Joe is less likely to concern himself with such a statistic than another certain group: Us, or at least some of us.

This leads us to the second question, “Why are they trying to fool?” That’s an easier answer, to get more money, but again, who is the target? On average, Joe Sixpack has a primitive immunity to such appeals: he doesn’t want to or simply can’t pay a lot for that computer.

So who is the prime target, the group most likely to willingly lay out the extra dollars? Again, us.

Finally, we have “Who is the most likely to be fooled?” For the third time, you might think Sixpack first, and certainly some will be, but again, Sixpack has a natural immunity. Again, on average, computers aren’t personally important to him. They’re not a prop for his ego; they’re not a . . . well, genital extender.

Finally, who is much more likely to feel the need to lay out more money to get a genital extension. Again: us.

Just as a postscript, who better to fool than people who think they can’t be fooled?

I don’t know about you, but I find this pretty disrepectful. However, I also find it pretty likely that they do it for one simple, irrefutable reason: It works.

And what does that say about us?



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