One Paper Launch Deserves Another? . . .

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If somebody doesn’t at least start to get ready for next decade’s big CPU game, somebody isn’t going to be in any shape to play.

Intel will now “launch” Bloomfield in September, according to Digitimes.

Why do this, especially when it doesn’t look like products will actually show up until a month later?

This is easy. A September “launch” will let Intel “officially” release Nehalem benchmarks to big fanfare before AMD can launch its Deneb processors.

When AMD does launch them, any comprehensive benchmark comparison will have to include Nehalems. Since we already know who’ll win that comparison, that will dampen enthusiasm, and quite likely, the initial price of Denebs.

We know that Deneb samples are floating out in the wild.

Why shouldn’t AMD have its own paper launch in August, not so much for the sake of the enthusiasts, but for the financial people?

The change of command hasn’t helped the stock price at all, indeed, it’s dropped some more, and as of close yesterday, AMD was valued at just 2.65 billion dollars.

An August “launch” would give the financial world some concrete proof that AMD can get something better out the door on time and leave at least the impression that things are going to get better under Mr. Meyer.

Of course, if AMD isn’t ready, they shouldn’t do it, but if they are, they’ll probably get more benefit previewing it in August than they would waiting until October.



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