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Over the next month or so, we’re going to be updating and revising a lot of our back-end material.

What we would like to do is not only come up with a new set of links to quality websites, but also incorporate the best articles available elsewhere on the Web into our site (of course saying where they came from).

The purpose of a links section is to provide a service to our readers. We can’t know and do everything, and there’s no point in reinventing the wheel when someone else has gotten the job done.

We’re picky. We only like the best equipment, and we only like the best articles and websites. Our readers deserve no less. So if you want to be included in our listings, there’s one simple requirement: Do good work.

We know there are many websites out there outside of the usual suspects that do good work, but get lost in the shuffle. We want to identify and present those websites.

But being small doesn’t mean you don’t have to be good. Our test is simple: if a website writes articles we wish we had written, that’s good.

Just so we know what’s out there, this is what we would like you to do:


Send me a note telling me what your website generally covers, and what you think you do best. Also provide links to what you think are your three best articles. I’ll take a look at your
website and decide whether or not we’ll include it. If we do, we’ll tell you. If we don’t, we’ll tell you why not, and, if you don’t mind, what we think you might do to get better.

Even if we don’t put your website up initially, though, we’ll certainly welcome the opportunity to look at good articles. Keep sending us good articles (but please, I’m allergic to spam), and we’ll put you in.


You visit the sites, so you tell us what your favorite sites are, and why. Also tell us what articles you’ve found at other websites that you found excellent, and we’ll consider highlighting them.

We Can’t Include Everything

The last thing I want to do is hurt anybody’s feelings on this. If we don’t include you, don’t take it personally; after all, it’s one man’s opinion, and nobody’s perfect. For instance, there are a zillion review sites out there, we can’t include
every one.

We’ll also provide comments on the websites we feature. We’ll describe it, say what’s good about it, and, if we think it important, what we don’t find so good about it. All part of the package.

We hope to get this done over the course of the next two weeks, so click on that email link below and tell me what you think should be in there.

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