Opera - Browser for the Bandwidth Challenged

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If your bandwidth is measured in Kb/s, Opera 9.6 is the browser for you.

Working in an area where dial-up bandwidth rules, the latest version of Opera becomes the must-have browser. Nothing eats bandwidth like images, and with Opera you have the ability to download pages without images. If this option exists within FireFox, I’d like to hear about it.


The setting for this is found in Preferences:



I chose “No Images” for quicker loading – it has not disappointed! You can further refine page loading using the “Quick Preferences” tab under “Tools”:



As an example, here’s a page without images – it’s plain Jane, but page downloads are accelerated by quite some margin, depending of course on image density. Using Opera has enabled me to do more work at dial-up speeds and spend less time schlepping to an internet cafe or the university where I have access to Mb/s speeds.


As I said, if you’re bandwidth constrained Opera is worth a serious look. Its features are nothing to sneeze at and appears competitive with the current bumper crop of browsers. I know accelerator software exists, but having it built-in the browser is a much preferred approach.



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