Ostrich Mp3 Encoder

Like it says — Rydzio

Ostrich Mp3 Encoder is an Mp3 Encoding tool based on the LAME codec. It has CBR – constant bitrate – and VBR – variable bitrate.

You select the files you want to encode by clicking “Browse”. You can, of course, pick more than 1 file. If you do, they will be encoded one-by-one. “Use ABR-VBR” is grayed because I am still working on it. When you pick “Use CBR” you have to pick the bitrate. If you select “Use VBR” you have to pick minimal and maximal bitrate.

“VBR Quality” – 0 = best quality/lower speed, 9 = lower quality/best speed. After selecting the files and picking the encoding method and bitrate(s), you can click convert and watch the progress bar. The status bar displays vital information.

I think that’s all folks!



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