Overclockers Benchmarking Party II: Where the Bell Tolls!

We’re heading to visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia! It was one of our nations great founding fathers, Patrick Henry, who is most well known for his famous quote “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” And Overclocking is all about liberty – the freedom to take our processors to the furthest limits we are able to push them. And in that spirit, Overclockers.com members are already beginning their trip driving to Philly, while others are heading to the airport as you read this!

Tomorrow at 5PM Eastern we’ll kick off our second annual Overclockers.com Team Benching Party. 540 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen, Phase Change demonstration systems, 20 attendees, and a mountain of hardware… Sounds like a party alright!

On the evening of Friday June 17th, the festivities and overclocking begin. We’ll be underway with live computer hardware action at 5PM Eastern and at that time we’ll have live video and audio broadcasting on the Overclockers Livestream channel. Viewers can watch the Livestream video, chat with viewers and attendees, and follow the twitter timeline of the event from Overclockers’ Live! Currently, recorded team videos from last year’s party are looping on the channel, but at 5PM Eastern June 17th, it will cut over to live video and audio coverage of the party. Tune in and join us for the fun throughout the entire weekend! The cameras will be rolling until we head home Sunday! If you plan to watch and are on Facebook, RSVP to the event. I’ll be randomly selecting 3 online viewers for prizes, click attend!

Live in the Philadelphia area? Walk-ins welcome! We’ll be at the Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Downtown. At the front desk, ask for directions to the Overclockers Conference Room.

In the previous announcement of the event we left a lot of information out, but today we have all the juicy details:

The Lineup

Here is the official lineup of benchers. This impressive lineup includes participants in worldwide overclocking competitions, Forums Wars champions and some of the most-skilled overclockers on the planet.

UsernameOC Forums Join DateOverclockers.com ArticlesHwbot Global/Team RankReputation
DolkMarch 3, 20088 Articles1294/37Forum Senior Member, AMD Guru, Overclockers Writer
EarthDogDec. 15, 200830 Articles561/23Forum Senior Member, General Miscreant, Overclockers Writer
SplatApr. 6, 200250 Articles1542/40Overclockers Editor, Forum Moderator
mdcompNov. 23, 200141 Articles2064/52Overclockers Editor, Forum Moderator
I.M.O.G.Nov. 11, 200243 Articles646/25Glorious Leader, Forum Administrator, Managing Editor, Fugitive from the law
Janus67May 29, 2005N/A433/18Benchmarking Team Top 20
Torin3Dec. 25, 2004N/A372/14Benchmarking Team Top 20
VoidnApril 24, 2009N/A196/6Worldwide Top 200, Benchmarking Team Top 10, Likes Beer
Ghost_Recon88Feb. 12, 2005N/A832/31Forum Senior Member, Likes Beer
nzanebNov. 3, 20082 Articles136/5Team Captain, Worldwide Top 150, Benching Team Top 5, Forum Senior Member, Overclockers Writer
ChanceCoats123Feb. 1, 2009N/A377/15Benching Team Top 20, Longest Drive (Illinois)
xxrabid93Mar. 16, 2011N/A368/13Benching Team Top 20, Longest Drive (Illinois)
jiccman1965Oct. 13, 2010N/A54/1Worldwide Top 100, First Place on Benching Team
BenihanaMay 23, 2011N/AN/ANewest Forum Member Attending!


Lamptron Logo

This year’s event will be sponsored by Lamptron and Mvix USA. Our readers should recognize these manufacturers from recent product reviews, including the Lamptron Touch Fan Controller and the Mvix Minix 6150SE-UC3 Motherboard. In addition, several other manufacturers, including Silverstone, Zalman and NZXT have agreed to provide door prizes and raffle items for the party.

The Hardware

Here is the exciting part, but it is hard to fully appreciate until you get everyone and everything, into one room… Tomorrow at this time, we’ll be turning our conference room into an entire treasure chest of cutting edge hardware and equipment. Most of the benchers will be using their own hardware, while others will share to create a perfect combination. Only 9 of our benchmarkers have reported their gear so far, so this list is only partial… We won’t know everything being brought until we all arrive tomorrow:

Phenom II 555, 940, 955, 975, 980, 1090T, Athlon II 620,
C2D E8400, Celeron 352, i7-920, 980x, (6) 2600K

Asus M4A89GTD Pro, Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, Asus P5K-Deluxe, Gigabyte X58a-UD3R, Gigabyte P67A-UD7, ASrock Z68 Extreme4, (3) Asus MIVE, Asus P8P67-Deluxe, Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, Asus R3E, Asus CIVE, Biostar TP67XE, Asus P8P67 Pro, Intel P67, Asus P5Q

4890, 5550, HD5850, (2) 5870, 6570, (3) 6870, (2) 6950, 6970, 8800gts 512, (2)8800gtx, (2)8800gt, 9800GTX+, GT220, GTS250 GTX 280, 480, (2) 580 CU, GTX580

OCZ AMD Black Edition 1600 Cas 8, D9s and Hypers, 2x2GB Gskill Ripjaws 2133Mhz, Super Talent Chrome (3x2Gb), 2x2GB Super Talent 2000mhz, 3x2GB HyperX 2000-8-8-8, 2x2GB Gskill Trident, Gskil ddr3-1333 2x1gb, patriot ddr-2400 2x2gb, geil ddr2-800 4x1gb

750 Corsair, TX850, Seasonic X-750, Kingwin 750watt, Sparkle 1250, 700w PSU, Antec 1200W, 1000W BFG, nzxt hale90 850W, 550W, 600W.

Vencom CPU pot, Koolance V1 DICE CPU pot, “Baby Pot”, Koolance GPU pot, K|ngp|n F1EE + extension, Dragon Evo pot, (2) Tek9 Fat, (2) F1 Gemin CPU pot, Tek9 Slim, “Uber Blower”, CPU Dice Pot, Zalman CNPS9900, ThermalRight Silver Arrow

That is a lot of hardware, and thats not everything! Considering there are 15 benchers for the event, it’s going to be kinda hard to work on all of these. We’ll do our best to freeze it all however!

We have on order, 540 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen. With all the 2600K Processors in attendance that don’t need extreme subzero cooling, we’ll have more than enough LN2 to freeze all of the other processors and video cards present.

Watch Live

There will be live streaming video channels up for this event, as we mentioned in our last announcement. To make sure you do not miss a thing, the link to the livestreams are below.

As a reminder, we will not get started until approximately 5:00 PM Eastern. From there on, it will be on for close to the entirety of the weekend. Yes, that does mean there will be a couple of us working on hardware in the wee hours of the morning. To make sure you guys do not miss anything, all scores and summaries will be posted on Overclockers.com, with shorter regular updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We will be taking a break early Saturday evening to enjoy a “family” dinner, but outside of a couple hours to eat, the overclocking will be going strong all weekend long!

Overclockers’ Live – This will be the main stage for the event, active throughout the weekend. Stay tuned here for the status on all live video coverage – this stage shows the main floor of the event, and will also announce activity on the Overclockers’ Joe and Skip channels below.

Overclockers’ Joe – This stage will be focused on a closeup exhibition of a specific benchmarking station. Watch the LN2 be poured, the temps drop, and the MHz increase!

Overclockers’ Skip – Exactly like Overclockers’ Joe, but highlighting a 2nd specific benchmarking station. Both will highlight closeup action of the event.

For more live updates during the event:

We hope to see you there! For now, have fun overclocking and good luck!

Matt Bidinger (I.M.O.G.)

About Matt Bidinger 60 Articles
My name is Matt Bidinger. I manage the editorial and forum staff for Overclockers.com, and I enjoy Community Management with a number of large internet sites. I've worked in IT in my professional career; my site involvement keeps me off the streets at night. When relaxing, I can usually be found walking the parks and roads of Rootstown, OH with my wife Kim and my dog Bubba.

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Can't wait to meet everyone there! If you haven't already sent your RSVP, and you plan to watch online or attend, click the "I'm Attending" button.

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Drinking a beer in salt lake waiting for my next flight. Cya there :beer: :rock:

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Your reputation precedes you... Looks like I got that column right in the article. :D

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Drinking a beer in salt lake waiting for my next flight.

Did you wave at me as you flew over. My work is right in the flight path of the airport...

Oh, and did you enjoy your Utah beer? :rofl:

i wish I could make it to the party. I may put some LN2 to intel this weekend so that I don't feel left out. :rock: Have fun Guys!!!!

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You guys are going to have such a blast!!! I am GREEEEEN with envy... I'm hoping that I am able to make the next one whenever it takes place (not the MO meet in a few weeks, but the next party).

I know you guys will hit many, many landmark scores on the following three days... I expect to see at least one more person join the 7GHz club this weekend (cough... cough.. I'm looking at you Dolk)...

I too plan on freezing my 955BE this weekend and having the stream from the party on my daily driver, as inspiration, is going to make for an even better session. :D

Have lots of fun guys...


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