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Updated May 3, 1999/several important updates.

Welcome to my page. I have only 1 graphic here because my intentions are not to make a cool looking web page, but one that will let you make a cool running system. The guides here have not all been tested, only the Pentium II one. The Celeron, PPGA converted, and Pentium III designs are simply modified Pentium II coolers.

Next, you should know that although I cannot guarantee that these are leak-proof, as you may make a mistake, I do use one in my system. Any problems with your system resulting from using this guide are your fault. Last, you will need a big case for one of these things, no mini towers, at least a large mid-tower, preferably a full tower or a server case.

Pentium 2 Materials:

1 Pentium 2 Heatsink (1 inch or taller), 6 feet of bendable tubing (preferably rubber, copper works better, but you will have to ground it, like putting tape around it), 1 tube marine grade caulk, 3 empty Pepsi cans (they are made of steel, otherwise I would suggest coke), a good sized water tank (must be taller than wide, I used a 2 liter coke bottle), a small water pump, I used one that was designed for fish tanks.


1. Cut a hole the width of the tubing in the bottom of the bottle, just above the ridges.

2. Cut a hole the same size in the top of the bottle cap.

3. Cut the very tops and bottoms of the cans off.

4. Cut the sides of the cans so that they are flat.

5. Caulk the soda cans onto the Heatsink so there there is no exposed area of the heat sink.

6. Cut holes the size of the tubing in both ends of the heat sink cover (the cans)

7. Cut the tubing in half

8. Cut one about 5 inches of tubing off of one of the newly formed pieces.

9. Glue or tape the water pump to the side of your water container.

10. Run the 5 inch piece of tubing from the input of the water pump to the hole in the botom of the water storage container.

11. Run the shorter of the two remaining tubes from the output of the water pump the end of the Heatsink that will be higher.

12. Run the last tube from the top of the holding tank (the hole we made earlier) to the bottom of the heat sink where the remaining hole is.

13. Caulk up everything, water and electronics DO NOT MIX!!!

14. Put the whole setup on a large piece of cardboard

15. Fill the holding tank with water, up to the part where it starts to curve in, then put about another inch of water in.

16. Test run it for two or three hours.

17. For people that are using this for Celerons or Pentium 3s, then just do the same thing for the correct Heatsink for that processor.

18. If you found any leaks in the testing time, caulk them upand re-test.

19. After all tests are done, hook the new cooler up to yourCPU.

20. Enjoy.

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