Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #84

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Our Overclockers.com Folding@Home Team has been running member spotlights for quite some time – this is the 84th feature in our series of Folding Spotlights!

To see the ever growing list of who has been interviewed, see the team SPOTLIGHT list! Now please give a warm welcome to Sydney! (Sydney’s EOC Stats)

Dfonda: When did you join the Team Sydney?

Sydney: Sept 28th 2009, although I had been folding for at least a year with another team that died.

D: If there was something recent that you did that you wanted your fellow team members to know about, what would it be?

S: My guide to “Linux Folding” , detailing how to set up the Linux CPU client and getting the GPU2 client to work under WINE (Nvidia only,sadly).

D: What Part of the World do you live in, and if you don’t mind telling, what town?

S: Reykjavik, Iceland

D: How did you initially hear about F@H?

S: From Sneakysnowman, when he started a folding team on another forum, that Team ended up dying so we both moved here.(D: Were Sure Glad you picked Team 32 !!:)

D: After starting, why do you continue to Fold?

S: It’s competitive (and very addicting, I might add) and serves a good cause.

D: What do you do for a living?

S: I am a student, still living with my parents.

D: What do you do for fun?

S: Play video games, practice martial arts, go out drinking with my friends.

D: Is there anything special you do in your spare time that you really enjoy?

S: Pulling a good all nighter LAN!!

D: Time to spill your guts. What are the stats of your main folding rig? Why is it your fave? What all do you use the rig for?

S: Well I only have a single rig, which serves as my gaming and workstation as well as folding PC. ASUS Maximus Formula X38(Rampage X48 BIOS),  E8500 @4.0 GHz. True120 with dual 120mm fans., 6GB DDR2 @840MHz 5-5-5-18, 8800GTX @ 650/1000 HR-03+, (Adding an 8800GT), Gigabyte Odin GT 800W PSU, Antec P182, 2x320GB RAID 0 for my operating systems., 1TB + 2x500GB+200GB for storage.

D: What are your future goals? What do you most want to accomplish with your life?

S: I don’t really have any goals at the moment. I am just finishing school and hitting milestones!

D: If there is something you want to tell the team, then spill your guts! What have I missed in my questions that could help the team learn more about you and who you are?

S: I am 18 years old and a diehard Linux “Fanboy”!!

D: A few Pics of your Farm, Hobbies, even you! Etc.

Sydney’s Rig:

Sydney's Rig
Sydney's Rig


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