Overclockers Folding@Home Team Spotlight #85

Our Overclockers.com Folding@Home Team has been running member spotlights for quite some time – this is the 85th feature in our series of Folding Spotlights!

Thank you for the interview Onefstsnake!

Dfonda: When did you join the Team onefstsnake ?
Onefstsnake: Late October of 2009. EOC stats.

D: If there was something recent that you did that you wanted your fellow team members to know about, what would it be?
O: I built a  new rig that is used only for folding till I move into my new place(I7+GPU@10kppd).

D: What part of the world do you live in, and if you don’t mind telling, what town?
S: Dumfries,VA. (Pronounced Dumb Freeze lol)

D: How did you initially hear about F@H?
O: Just browsing the OCforums and stumbled on the teams. The folding for a cure is what really made me want to learn more. I have had a few friends and relatives that have passed on because of cancer and other diseases related to folding.

D: After starting, why do you continue to Fold?
O: The challenge! To push as much PPD out of my rigs as possible. Along with doing my part in the search for a cure for these diseases.

D: What do you do for a living?
O: I am the Commercial Sales Manager at the local Auto Zone here in Dumfries.

D: What do you do for fun?
O: Check my EOC stats!….I have way too many hobbies! I like building scale WWII armor models. I also keep poison dart frogs, as well as a few fish. I enjoy working on my cars. Going to the shooting range or hunting when I have time. I just picked up coin collecting, and bought some 1500+ year old Roman coins.

D: Is there anything special you do in your spare time that you really enjoy?
O: I really love driving my 1993 Mustang Coupe. I have wanted one since I was 8. Four years ago I finally bought one. I have replaced the entire suspension and most of the drive train. Awesome car! I also enjoy the outdoors, just started hunting last year with a friend and got an 8 point whitetail!

D: Time to spill your guts. What are the stats of your main folding rig? Why is it your fave? What all do you use the rig for?
S: I7 920 DO [email protected],Corsair H50, Asus P6X58D Premium, 6GB G.Skill Pi1600 DDR3 RAM, Corsair HX1000W PSU, eVGA GTX285 Classified, WD Black 500GB HD, WD Black 1TB HD,WD Velociraptor 300GB HD, HAF 932 case.

D: Do you have a Borg-Farm? If so, how many, and what are they?
O: 3 rigs. Only 2 running at the moment. The I7, Phenom 545 4GB, and an Athlon 64×2 2GB.

D: What are your future goals? What do you most want to accomplish with your life?
O: Close on my first house and get married! After that I want to meet my biological parents. Maybe go back and finish college. I am sure I’ll think of more.

D: If there is something you want to tell the team, then spill your guts! What have I missed in my questions that could help the team learn more about you and who you are?
O: I would just like to say thanks to the people of  Team 32! A lot of you have helped me get my clients running and running them at max production.

D: A few Pics of your Farm, Hobbies, even you! Etc.
Snakes Pics!


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Interesting read dfonda! As always, its nice to get to know our folding team members a little better.


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dark bishop


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Thanks for the interview guys! Hope you enjoy the read and pics.

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Good to know more about you, onefstsnake !

Dave, thanks for another great spotlight!

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Thanks to 1fst Snake for taking the time for this.

I really enjoyed learning all his Hobbies, a very positive attitude!
Those pics were some of the best yet. I thought WOW, why don't I have poisonous frogs as pets? LOL

It's good to have you on the team snake, look forward to hearing you got your house.

Thanks also to Deadlysyn and MDcomp for editing and publishing.

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You work at autozone? I used to work at the manassas autozone back in '03 before I joined the army :P

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Great to learn more about you onefstsnake, also glad to have you on Team 32
Fold On!:rock:

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Glad your on our team snake :beer:

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Nice to get to know you! So the meaning of your name, onefstsnake, is "one fast Mustang Cobra," right? Love the car!!

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Good read, thanks guys.

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