Overclockers [email protected] Team Spotlight #86

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Our Overclockers.com [email protected] Team has been running member spotlights for quite some time – this is the 86th feature in our series of Folding Spotlights!

Thank you for the interview Jolly-Swagman!

Dfonda: When did you join the Team Jolly ?
Jolly-Swagman : Sept 21 2007 I joined Overclockers.com. after talking to ADAK. I started Folding shortly after. Jolly’s EOC Stats.

D: If there was something recent that you did that you wanted your fellow team members to know about, what would it be?
JS: Just recently built another Tech Bench for my “Garage Workshop Testing” area. Here is the  “Work log thread”. When my new Motherboard arrives I will use it for benching and more folding!

D: What part of the world do you live in, and if you don’t mind telling, what town?
JS: Australia, Victoria, Wonthaggi. Which is a coastal community 170Km South of Melbourne.

D: How did you initially hear about [email protected]?
JS: From our esteemed member ADAK!

D: After starting, why do you continue to Fold?
JS: Mainly for the purpose that science done on Protein Folding will some day benefit those with Cancer, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, and for the team camaraderie.

D: What do you do for a living?
JS: Currently semi retired on a DSP Pension.

D: What do you do for fun?
JS: Case modding, some “Gaming” and Photography.

D: Is there anything special you do in your spare time that you really enjoy?
JS: Case Modding!! (D: OK…this guy likes to Case Mod!! lol )

D: Time to spill your guts. What are the stats of your main folding rig? Why is it your favorite? What all do you use the rig for?
JS: 20K ppd Q6600 with GTX-295 folding SMP2 and GPU2 x 2. Everyday use, Photoshop/Graphics, and Gaming.

D: Do you have a Borg-Farm? If so, how many, and what are they?
JS: 3 Yes I have 7 PC’s [email protected] 4GB RAM, GTX 295. 2 [email protected] 4GB RAM 9800GT’s512mb. [email protected] 4GB RAM 8800GT512mb. [email protected] 2GB RAM 8800GT256mb. [email protected] 4GB RAM. [email protected] 4GB RAM 8800GT and a P4 [email protected] 2GB RAM currently Folding on Rosetta.

D: What are your future goals? What do you most want to accomplish with your life?
JS: As far as folding, hopefully be able to continue and reach 20Mil, with rising costs of electricity here, I have to rebuild some of my rigs to dual GPU Mobo’s. This will help cut back on operating costs. I can’t see us getting anything new high tech wise Like I7’s as they are way to dear here, still.

For life….well just glad I have a wonderful lady to live out the rest of my days with. What more could a man ask for?

D: If there is something you want to tell the team, then spill your guts! What have I missed in my questions that could help the team learn more about you and who you are?
JS: Well I did try to recruit some of my friends into folding over at NewModCity where I am also on the staff. They decided they wanted to start their own Team. So I helped them get started. They are Team 177077. Check out some of my “Case Mods” here on OCF and NMC, then you will see…I am just a guy who likes computers whether to Fold, OC or case mod, or just generally help out with keeping them running. I am also a Folding Mentor.

D: A few Pics of your Farm, Hobbies, even you! Etc.

Jolly-Swagman’s Pics.

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  1. LandShark
    Nice to meet you Jolly!! :beer: Now I know you are also into photography too!! (btw, tks for your comment 'bout my photography :) )

    Thanks and your welcome LandShark the photo,s were awesome
    Nice to meet you! Awesome case mods/builds.
    Wish I had the guts to do something like that lol.

    Thanks onefstsnake, just takes a little time and some patience
    Nice to know more about you mate!

    Thanks ihrsetrdr

    Thanks ChasR
    Also Thank You to dfonda for interviewing me for the Team Spotlight, was fun doing, and sharing some of my interests and hobbies, other than folding,
    Fold On! :burn: