Overclocker’s Hideout Slot 1 Waterblock

SUMMARY: Good performance, nice fit and finish – Good building block for multiple peltier systems.

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Overclockers Hideout sent us their aluminum Super Slot 1 Water Block to test out. This is a large unit (2 x 4″; 50mm x 100mm) which can be used to cool twin peltiers. It uses 3/8″ fittings, which are the size of most water pumps. It also include a small hole in the block so you can insert a thermal probe – I use Motherboard Monitor for CPU thermal diode temps; however, there are some boards and CPUs that don’t report this, so it can come in handy.

As the pic above shows, it comes with two aluminum mounting plates. However, the insulation required for peltiers is not included with this block, so if you are thinking of multiple TECs, additional insulating materials are required.


I used a portable test rig which consists of two stacked peltiers (simulates a load of about 100 watts), 150 gph Beckett in-line water pump and Swiftech radiator. The Overlockers Hideout block was compared to Cool-Chip’s socket 370 model.

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Ambient 24.5 C

OC Hideout: -24.8 C
CoolChip: -24.8 C

Interesting to see that, in this case, size doesn’t matter. Drilled aluminum waterblocks seem to perform at about the same level, as the results indicate. Overall, it looks like the Overclockers Hideout Slot 1 Waterblock can serve as a good start to a multiple peltier system. Copper will outperform aluminum by something like 3-5 C, which may be desirable for top performance.

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