Overclockers.com Benching Party II: Philadelphia, PA – June 17-19, 2011

As the weather heats up, Overclockers.com is preparing to cool it down with some LN2, dry ice and some extreme overclocking. After the huge success of the first annual benching party, the team has decided to hold the second annual Overclockers.com Benching Party in Philadelphia, PA this June. For the first time ever, the party will be open to the public.

Frigid -190.8° C CPU Temperatures
Frigid -190.8° C CPU Temperatures

Frost Forming on Outside of CPU Pot
Frost Forming on Outside of CPU Pot


Benching Party II
DateFriday, June 17 – Sunday, June 19 2011
VenueCrowne Plaza Philadelphia Center City
Location1800 Market St.

What is a Benching Party?

The OCF Benching Team, ranked #11 in the world on HWBOT, is gathering once again to take their CPUs, GPUs and other hardware to the extreme. By using liquid nitrogen, world-class hardware enthusiasts will be overclocking to the max. Using this cold compound will eliminate the worry about temperatures shifting the focus to tweaking hardware as far as possible. Attendees will team up to get the most out of their components by sharing knowledge, insight and troubleshooting tips. Many of the benchers in attendance will be shooting for world record scores on HWBOT or personal best frequencies on their CPUs.

Extensive knowledge or background in overclocking is not a prerequisite. Veteran overclockers will be glad to help get your feet wet in exciting world of extreme cooling and the intricacies of how to overclock.

Icebon Preparing to Unbox a New Motherboard
Icebob Preparing to Unbox a New Motherboard

Brolloks Using LN2 on His CPU and GPU
Brolloks Using LN2 on His CPU and GPU


Lamptron Logo

This year’s event will be sponsored by Lamptron and Mvix USA. Our readers should recognize these manufacturers from recent product reviews, including the Lamptron Touch Fan Controller and the Mvix Minix 6150SE-UC3 Motherboard. In addition, several other manufacturers, including Silverstone, Zalman and NZXT have agreed to provide door prizes and raffle items for the party.


Attend Overclockers.com Benching Party II

Overclockers Forums members from near and far are welcome to attend the party. In order to cover the high cost of liquid nitrogen and facility rental fees, each guest will pay a small entry fee.

3-Day Benching Pass

OCF Benching Team Member$40
Non-team OCF Member$45

Spectator Pass

1-Day Admission$5
3-Day Admission$10

Bencher passes offer full access to the liquid nitrogen Friday-Sunday. Keep in mind that spectators will be able to interact and assist benchers when possible, but not use LN2 for their own hardware. Save $5: we encourage you join the OCF Benching Team before June 17! Click here to view the requirements for team membership.

Watch the Action Live

Can’t attend the party? No problem. Join in the excitement on one of three livestream channels. The three-day event will be streamed live online to viewers throughout the world. Viewers will also be able to interact with the benchers using real-time chat on the stream. Over 230 simultaneous viewers tuned in for last year’s benching party, so don’t miss out! Stay tuned for further information and scheduling as it becomes available.

Other Resources

Stay up to date on all the details:

Huge thanks to Dolk for setting up the party! Without his vision and strong organization skills, this party would not be a reality.

Matt Ring (mdcomp)

About Matt Ring 143 Articles
Matt Ring has been part of the Overclockers.com community for 20+ years. He built his first computer at age 12 and has been hooked on computer hardware and overclocking ever since. For the past 10 years, Matt has worked in technology for internet and software companies. These days, Matt focuses on editing and behind the scenes work to keep Overclockers.com humming.

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Woohoo! Looking forward to it. I will be there.

Thanks Dolk for setting it up!


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I cant wait either! :)

Thanks to all who set it up!

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I'm pumped, can't wait to get there!

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I'm excited. I'm really hoping to be there. :D

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I will be there again this year! Can't wait, last year was an absolute blast!

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Looks like a good excuse to visit Philly!!:bday:

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Matt could you put this in OP thread, and make sure its in the article?

The thread you made is a lot of help for those that may want to make it by the tail ends of their budget.

OCF, PLEASE COME TO THIS EVENT! Yes there will be more of these in the future, but it may be further away next time. Don't miss this great chance for you to come out and meet some of the members of this forum.

If you missed our stream last time, you missed out on a lot of fun! Please do not hesitate to come out. It will be better than any internet gathering you can imagine.

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I wish be there :(

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i will be there, in my party pants.

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