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Editorial Note 10/4/11: For the latest Overclockix related information, you may be interested in the Overclockix Master thread or the Overclockix homepage.

Reviving Overclockix

Back in 2003 a member of the forums, Arkaine23, released a customized Knoppix Live Linux distro named Overclockix. Its goal was to be an all around software toolkit as well as a live host operating system for distributed computing clients. It was maintained until sometime around 2005. Since then, it has become out of date and lacks many robust features and compatibility that present day Linux distros provide.

Original Overclockix Logo
Original Overclockix Logo

Humble Beginnings

Recently, a challenge was brought forth to revive the project by I.M.O.G., calling on the community to work together to create a new and improved version. I noticed the thread but was not quite sure I was up to taking on such a large project. I figured that I would at least look at Arkaine23’s former project to see if I could contribute in some way. After spending nearly an entire day researching the project, I found myself completely engrossed in it, realizing it was something that truly interested me. Within the next couple of days, I had the foundation set for a framework in which the community could begin to work from.

It’s Alive!

Overclockix Revived is born, and you can find the download link in this thread. Just download the ISO and either burn it to a CD or create a bootable USB drive, then boot from it on any computer to take it for a spin. Find more info about the project here.

Call to Action

I would like to keep the main goals of the original Overclockix intact in addition to allowing it to become community driven and maintained. With a solid base to work from, thanks to the Debian Live Project, I really could use some help from the Overclockers community in the way of suggestions, testing, graphical design and development.

  • Suggestions – Anything compelling you’d like to see included (currently the LiveCD weighs in at less than 700MB, fitting easily onto a CD)
  • Graphical Design – Overclockers.com wallpapers, splash screens, taskbar icons, et cetera
  • Testing – Try it out on any machine you have available, let us know what works for you and what doesn’t!
  • Development – If you have linux skills or want to try your hand at learning them, you are invited to pitch in.

If you are interested in getting more involved, post in the comments below this article and we’ll guide you in how to help.  What could be better? I’ll be giving away 3 Newegg swag packages randomly to people who contribute to our project!

Matt Bentley (mbentley)

About Matt Bentley 1 Article
Hello! My name is Matt Bentley. I am a forum administrator here at Overclockers Forums and part time writer for Overclockers.com. By day I am a technology specialist for an IT consulting firm and in my free time, you can find me in front of a PC working on any odd project I come across. I hope that you will find Overclockers.com to be as much of a valuable learning tool as I have throughout the years.

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Nice Matt! I had seen this being bandied about in the Alternative OS section. Nice to see someone taking it on. D/L now to try out on a Ubuntu Laptop.

I got no skills...but I'll report back as a newb.:)

Note I did get the full D/L on my third try trying the disc out now.

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definetely in on this one! :thup:

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i am holding a poll to choose the desktop environment for the final builds as i would like to maintain as few versions as possible. please vote here:

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