Pablo’s ORB

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I read your article on the ORB mounting, so I thought I would shoot this at ya.

ORB Bottom

A buddy of mine purchased 10 of the Panaflo Orbs from a catalog (don’t remember the name) for 5 bucks a piece. I did a little milling on one side (to clear the socket’s raised part) with a band saw and epoxied 4 bolts to the base.

Mobo Back

NOTE: I think using springs on these bolts is a great idea – easier to equalize pressure on the CPU. Joe.

On the backside of the mobo, I used a couple of rubber washers, a regular steel washer, a spring, a fender washer, and a wing nut on each bolt. It worked pretty well. I received similar results to yours with your copper plate.

With a closed case, two 4 inch 120v case fans, the mobo temp ran at 26C/79F, and the CPU’s temp was 43C/109F. At full load, the CPU temp. rises about 3C/5F. At the time, the Duron 700 would run stable at 978 MHz.

ORB on Mobo

I now have my homemade waterblock on the Duron. With similar mobo temps, the CPU is running at 39C/102F degrees idle and 41C/106F at full load. I am able to run at 1010 Mhz now stable. Nothing more……

BUT I GOT A GIG, heheh…

As soon as the resistors come in the mail, I will be jacking up the core voltage. I don’t have any pics of the waterblock at the moment, but I will try and get hold of a camera soon.

PS: This pic is also showing my Guillemot Geforce 2 MX. I took the original heatsink, cut it up, placed it on the ram, and added a $7 Duron heatsink from Multiwave. I have it overclocked to 205/205, running smooth. The KT133 chipset also has one on it.

ORB Closeup

Paul (aka Pablo) Gifford


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