CPU Temperature Measurement Gadget

Thermal Diode Measurement Circuit I have built such a thermometer for the 300a myself. Here is my Do It Yourself Guide: l. Download the specs (in PDF) for the ICL7107 from Harris at www.semi.harris.com/data/fn/fn3/fn3082/fn3082.pdf 2. Get a ICL7107 or even better a 200mV or 2V DVM panel with the ICL7107… Read More

Overclocking's Impact on CPU Life

10/28/99: See Comments from Lee Winde regarding MTBF and Temperature:” There are several areas which, I believe, are lacking or need further explanation. My background in electronics is EE in ’67 and considerable R/D development for ten years in audio circuitry. I went on to professional school and have not… Read More