Palomino Benchmarks

Thought I show you what I found with my Palomino, compared to T-Bird using various mobos.

OS: Windows 2000 Pro (SP2)
Memory: 1 x 256MB Crucial PC2100
CPU: 1.33GHz T-Bird; 1.2GHz AthlonMP “Palomino” core
Boards: A7V133, MSI K7T266 and K7 Master (board rev. 1.1), BIOS 1.1Final and 1.2beta2 (Palomino
AGP: Creative Labs GeForce2 32MB @ 200/333MHz (default)
PCI 1: empty
PCI 2: empty
PCI 3: SB Live! Value
PCI 4: Adaptec SCSI†2940U2W
PCI 5: NetGear FA-310TX NIC
Heatsink: Swiftech MC462A

  • SCSI: Western Digital Enterprise 10K (for OS/apps)
  • IDE: IBM 75GXP 45GB (for mass storage)
    CD-ROM: Plextor 40MAX (SCSI)
    CDRW: Plextor 4220 (SCSI)
    USB: 3Com Home Connect WebCam
    Direct X 8.0a
    VIA 4-in-1 version 4.29 FINAL
    Detonator. 11.01 and 12.60
    Desktop resolution/bit depth: 1024×768, 32bit full color

    K7 Master BIOS settings:
    AGP 4X enabled
    Fast Writes enabled
    Super Bypass enabled
    Side Band enabled
    Memory settings:
    FAST 8-8-7-2-5-2-2 (for 133 and 140FSB)
    SLOW 8-8-8-3-7-2-3 (for 150 FSB)

    K7T266 settings:
    R126 bridge closed with 102 SMD resistor
    1.10 beta2 “b” BIOS
    CAS 2.0
    4-way interleave
    1T command on
    AGP aperture: 128
    AGP 4X
    AGP fastwrite enabled
    AGP Sideband enabled
    Marc Wessel’s WCPRSET registry tweak (use performance/stability version). I
    avoided the ‘Ultra/benchmark’ version due to instability and lock-ups in 3D
    benchmark and games. I do not have complete benchmarks for KT266Pro as I do
    not have this board anymore.

    *Note: I had some instability with the FAST settings during 150 FSB. It
    would lock up in 3DMark and Q3A, so I had to turn it down just for this
    test. Aside from this slight adjustment, all other tests ran superbly
    without a single freeze or error. They all passed Prime95 torture test with
    MP3 playing in the background.

    I ran three consecutive runs on each test after each reboot. Took the best
    score out of three runs and screen captured it (Print Screen key) along with
    H-Oda’s WCPUID which shows the bus frequency and multipliers.

    A7V133 was tested with all features maxxed as well. CAS 2 of course. (Don’t
    own it any more)

    Download Excel Spreadsheet

    Ed. note: If you don’t have Excel, you can get an Excel viewer here.

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