Peltier GPU Cooling Gets Me What?

I have a bunch of cooling equipment waiting for a GeForce 3 Ultra and Palamino, but my science teacher, who sees me working with all this stuff in my research class, asks me to do Science Fair project.

Vid Card

OK, why not? So I rig up 172w, 84w, Danger Den peltier stack, very chilly. I slap it on my Viper 770 ultra (tnt2u) hoping to take it to astronomical core speeds: I DIDNT GET 1 MORE DAMN MEGAHERTZ!

This is pissing me off! What the hell am I supposed to present at the Science Fair? Tell them I froze the hell out of it, all for nothing? The whole point is supposed to be I increased CMOS capacity by lowering temperature.

So here is some of what I did to the unappreciative tnt2:


I took off the old heatsink with obvious difficulty – should have taken this as a bad omen.

I made insulation blocks from polystyrene foam:

Foam Front

Foam Back

This took FOREVER to get each little resister in there, but now it fits like a glove. I know most of you prefer neoprene, but i’m very happy with how this came out; I’m thinking of using it on my real system, all this is just sort of a half-ass freeze the tnt2 jobber.

I test out/play with the peltier stack and it runs like a champ:


I have a freeze-burn mark on my tongue to prove it (stupid idea, but it was a fun demonstration).

Here’s the final product:

Clamped Card

– it looks a little iffy in that pic, but I cleaned it up a bit – it really is a nice insulation jo, I must say.

So I test out the vid running with the peltiers off; goes to 176 MHz. I flip on the pelts, wont even do 178. I have the memory down to 150 after realizing that it really wouldn’t do higher than 176 or 177. I take off the clamp, the back insulation and flip on the pelt (with everything off of course).

Sure enough, the back of the card is nice and chilly after a few seconds. Now I know this is not the cleanest pelt/insulation job – it was very halfass. However, I don’t care if it’s 10C higher than it would be if I did a real job of it, it’s just for the Science Fair. I only used Radio Shack paste, no lapping and no alcohol sanitizing (I’m sure a few unlucky tongue cells are still on there).

So whats wrong? Maybe I was a little overzealous thinking I’d get to 230 – lots of people say cooling vid chips doesn’t do anything, but I know for a fact the chip is at a MAXIMUM of -40C, and I didn’t.

Steve Pignato

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