Performance Numbers Leaked on AMD's Ontario

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The German website (Google translation) has scraped some performance numbers from the BOINC database on AMD’s upcoming Ontario accelerated processing unit (APU).  The Bobcat architecture is most closely comparable to Intel’s Atom, where the name of the game is low power.  As such, the numbers aren’t anything mind-blowing, but it does beat the Atom D10 processor in floating point speed and integer speed.  Using two other AMD CPU’s, the guys at deduced that the Ontario is probably clocked at 1.4 or 1.6 GHz.  Another interesting note is that the Ontario reports an odd 488 KB of cache while the Atom D10 has 512 KB.  I’d suspect that this is just a glitch since it is an engineering sample.

(table adapted from

CPU OS Clock [GHz] Integer Performance Floating-point performance Performance (vs. Ontario)
Ontario Server 2008 R2 1.40 to 1.60? 3.047 GIPS 1.351 GFLOPS
Atom D510 Windows 7 x86 1.66 1.892 GIPS 0.735 GFLOPS 58%
Athlon X2 II 250U Windows 7 x86 1.60 3.465 GIPS 1.591 GFLOPS 115%
Phenom X4 II 965 BE Windows 7 x64 3.40 8.452 GIPS 2.792 GFLOPS 242%

Continue reading at (Google Translation) or for more details.



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  1. In comparison to intel's netbook offerings, it looks pretty good. :thup: Obviously a sub 2ghz chip is not going to do well against a quad core desktop processor, but then again, it doesn't have to.
    I went looking for more SETI data, alas, the search was wasted. Somehow they've covered their tracks so you can't look at individual results. It's no wonder the guys had to piece things together to get any information ... :-/
    I saw that too CC it kind of made me giggle 240%+ increase, first thing that came to my mind was "Well I would assume a x4 would be faster than a portable processor." On note of the article though we all know AMD for being budget friendly so if they put out a netbook at say $150-$200USD price range that preforms on par with the Intel Netbooks I think Intel might have a competition on their hands.
    Ron, that basically hits it on the head. The numbers looked good compared to the Atom, but if it could have a lower price as well, then Amd would have a nice little niche on their hands and intel would be fuming.
    you guys forget it isn't always about power. More importantly is the power usage, since most people that buy netbooks want 9hours+ of battery life.
    If bobcat can have higher performance while maintaining similar power draw and heat production, THEN it is competition.