Phanteks Announces Glacier G3090Ti GPU Blocks for ASUS Strix and TUF

Phanteks has recently announced the launch of its Glacier GPU full cover water blocks for the ASUS RTX 3090 Ti Strix and TUF models. The Glacier line of water blocks features nickel-plated copper with a clear acrylic top and looks amazing with the included addressable RGB lighting. Each model is available with black or chrome accent pieces. For pricing and availability please read Phanteks’ press release below.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands – April 26th, 2022 – Phanteks announces the latest Glacier G3090Ti ASUS Bundle Pack containing the water block and backplate designed specifically for the ASUS Geforce RTX 3090Ti STRIX and TUF models. With increased power consumption and front memory chip location on the new RTX 3090Ti design, the Glacier G3090Ti ASUS water block will be a great benefit to bring unprecedented cooling to the new ASUS RTX 3090Ti STRIX and TUF cards.

Like all Glacier water blocks, the water block will use premium materials such as a nickel-plated copper base, clear acrylic top, black or chrome aluminum cover plates, and industrial quality VITON o-rings to ensure the best reliability and longevity. The water block will come with integrated D-RGB lighting that beautifully complements your build and can sync with Phanteks’ D-RGB accessories and A-RGB equipped motherboards.

The Glacier G3090Ti ASUS Bundle Pack also includes the CNC-cut aluminum backplate with thermal pads to further cool the RTX 3090Ti PCB components. The backplate matches the blocks’ black anodized or nickel-plated surface finish.

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Pricing and Availability:

Glacier G3090Ti ASUS Bundle Pack Black  – End May 2022  – €229.99 / £194,90/ $229.99

Glacier G3090Ti ASUS Bundle Pack Chrome – End May 2022 – €249.99 / £214,90 / $249.99


-John Nester (Blaylock)

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