Phenom Prices . . .

I’ll just quote:

“The new B3 won’t be any faster than B2 stepping but it will be more stable and will fix this nasty tlb bug. At the same time, it will allow some higher clock speeds and even at higher speeds it won’t have this tlb bug.”

Hmmmm, more stable and and TLB bug-free. It won’t be any faster, but it will allow for higher clock speeds.

It sure sounds like there’s something else wrong with these chips besides TLB. Maybe not wrong at default speed, but overclocked?

Another quote, no doubt one many will like better:

” . . . AMD has decided to use a new strategy. It will dramatically adjust the prices of Phenoms and it plans to position them as a price / performance part.”

Somehow, I don’t think the price adjustment will be upward.

Maybe this is the AMD surprise that is supposed to be announced later today. Maybe it will just be an unlocked Phenom. Maybe it will be both.

Then again, as we said a few weeks ago:

“If you are the least bit concerned about getting some value for your buck, you’d have to be extra-crazy to buy these anytime soon. These initial prices are just meant to justify a promise made in the last conference call that AMD would sell these at a price higher than any X2. When AMD is actually ready to sell a serious number of these things come the new year, prices will plummet.”


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