Picasa – Google Image Management Freeware

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SUMMARY: Not Photoshop, but an excellent image management program with simple editing functions.

Google has an excellent freeware program available to manage and do simple edits on your digital photos. This is not as robust as Photoshop, but for finding, organizing and doing simple edits, Picasa is tough to beat. It’s only about a 5 MB download, so it’s not a space hog.

After install and running the Picasa, you can scan your PC for all images:


If finds and lists all your images:


Use the Import function to select images among those found:

Import Tray

You can document each image and file it:

Import Data

Image Editing Functions

Clicking on an image loads it into the editing functions:


A simple crop – use the mouse to highlight the crop and it’s done:

Image Crop

In addition to the Basic Fixes, there is a “Tuning” menu…


And an “Effects” menu:


You can zoom in for a close look:

Zoom 400

And you can get a Histogram to view details about the image:



Finally, a view of Picasa’s Menus – File:

File Menu

Edit Functions:

Edit Menu

View Menu:

View Menu

Folder Functions:

Folder Menu

Picture Menu:

Picture Menu

Create Menu:

Create Menu


Tools Menu

And finally – Help:

Help Menu

The Bottom of the page menu gives an idea of the various functions upported:

Bottom Menu


For freeware, Google’s Picasa is an excellent way to manage images on your PC and do simple picture edits – the red-eye fix alone is worth the download. Bravo Google!

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