PolarFLO Universal Waterblock

SUMMARY: Very nicely made, although aluminum construction and high resistance may compromise its performance.


Mounts for Socket 423, 462, 478 and 603.

The nice folks at Horse of Iron, Inc. sent me a sample of their entry into watercooling, the PolarFLO Universal Waterblock. This is an all aluminum waterblock consiting of two pieces: The top, with machined-in nipples, and the base. The base features a spiral water channel. The retail version ships with 6′ of 3/8″ OD, 1/4″ plastic ID hose, plastic hose clamps, plastic bolts for motherboard mounting and instructions.

The block itself measures 2.75″ x 3.75″ x 1″ high. The inside diameter of the nipples measures about 4mm (3/16″), a tad on the small side. Considering its design, I would speculate that this is a high resistance design that will require a good pump.

The base


looks great – finished to a mirror shine. It appears very flat and will aid its performance.

Overall, the build quality appears first rate.


Very well made, although aluminum construction and small diameter nipples may compromise its performance.

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