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Posterous blogging is the blogging platform for people who don’t like to blog.

As someone who doesn’t even like the words blog or blogging, it surprised me that I do like Posterous.

What is Posterous?

Posterous is a service which allows you to email content, and then it does smart things with it. It will automatically create a page for you when you send an email to [email protected], and you’ll get an immediate reply with the address of your new page. The subject of your email will become the title of your blog post, while the body of the email becomes the content of the post. If you include attachments, that’s where posterous gets smart and things get interesting.

How smart? If you email a video attachment, posterous will host the video and embed it in your site with flash. If you send a bunch of images, it will host the images and create a gallery. MP3? DOC? PDF? Yup, it will handle those intelligently also.

Try it out! You can checkout my personal posterous site at Or better yet, take a shot of your desktop, computer case, or benchmark and attach it to an email. Send the mail to [email protected]! All submissions are moderated, but I’ll be going thru submissions and approving them so they show up on the site at All emails addresses are kept confidential and are not stored or shared.

How do I get involved?

Submit anything you want to share! Here are some ideas:
1. Benchmark screenshots
2. Desktop screenshots
3. Pictures of your rig
4. Project pictures
5. Pictures of yourself (include your forum username!)
6. Pictures of your desk/workspace setup

Remember, send the mail to [email protected] to get it added!

Go to to view the Community Pictures!

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