[Press Release] Futuremark Announces Sandy Bridge Benching Competition

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Futuremark wants you to set new records with the Sandy Bridge Z68 chipset in two separate categories: Integrated graphics and Palit branded discreet graphics. There are tons of prizes from Palit, Enermax, Biostar, and GEiL including a $1000 top prize. For all of the details, check out the press release below:

How Much More Performance Can Overclockers Get From Sandy Bridge?

Futuremark® Announces Palit Overclocking Contest to Find Out

HELSINKI, FINLAND – JUNE 3, 2011 – Futuremark®, together with Palit Microsystems, Enermax, Biostar and GEiL, launches its latest overclocking competition today. The Palit sponsored Overclocking with Sandy Bridge contest is a two segment contest open to performance enthusiasts worldwide. The first contest segment is restricted to PCs with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge Z68 chipset with integrated Intel HD Graphics, while the second is open to PCs using any Sandy Bridge-based CPU together with a Palit brand discrete graphics card. The competition will run from June 3 to July 2. Prize details and competition rules can be found on the competition website.

Sandy Bridge Z68 integrated graphics OC contest

Intel’s Z68 Sandy Bridge chipset allows the integrated graphics core to be overclocked and this contest could see the fastest graphics performance yet from an integrated graphics solution.

In the final week of Futuremark’s last overclocking contest Alva “Lucky_n00b” Jonathan achieved a 3DMark Vantage performance preset score of P3988 using a set up which included an Intel Core i7-2600K Processor.

All eyes will be on the leaderboards this time round to see if anyone can break P4000 running 3DMark Vantage with the performance preset. Such a score would demonstrate a similar level of performance as a PC with a discrete GeForce GT 240 or Radeon HD 3870 GPU.

Sandy Bridge plus Palit discrete graphics OC contest

Integrated graphics have come a long way, but for serious gaming you’ll want a dedicated GPU. See the difference in performance with these discrete solutions from competition sponsor Palit:

P3988 3DMarks – Intel Core i7-2600K integrated graphics world record
P18000 3DMarks – Intel Core i7-2600K plus Palit GeForce GTX 560
P27000 3DMarks – Intel Core i7-2600K plus Palit GeForce GTX 580

See the Palit website for the complete range of discrete graphics cards eligible for this contest segment.

Top score, top prizes

The prize pool includes $1000 for the highest overall score in the Palit card contest, and an exciting selection of the latest Palit, Enermax, Biostar and GEiL hardware for runners up. For a complete list of prizes please visit the competition website.

“Palit VGA products have served gamers’ demands for decades,” said Paul Sun, General Manager at Palit Microsystems, continuing, “In this contest, OCers can enjoy the extreme overclocking capability of Palit’s fabulous products.”


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