Process Hacker – Freeware Process Tool

Process Hacker is a freeware app which allows Windows users to to find and control system processes.

One of the more frustrating aspects of Windows is easily finding and exerting more users control over the byzantine processes that make Windows what it is. Power users will appreciate using Process Hacker as one tool to find and tailor Windows.



Key Features:

  • Detailed performance graphs
  • Complete list of services and full control over them
  • List of network connections
  • Comprehensive information for all processes
  • Full control over all processes
  • Find hidden processes and terminate them
  • Easy DLL injection and unloading


I tried this out on my wife’s laptop and found it a comprehensive tool – among other oprtions you can see more detail using the System Information tab:



Finding hidden processes could be helpful in rooting out hidden malware. Perhaps not for everyone but a good tool at the right price – freeware.

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