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Got this comment:

I think you need look at the bigger picture before you start writing loads of nonsense on your web site.
You will be very embarrassed when 64 bit computing takes off (which it will)!!

One problem with a lot of these type comments is that time is very rarely mentioned. I’ve never said 64-bit
will never happen; I’ve just said it won’t generally be adapted on the desktop soon.

I have often found that people who seem to be disagreeing really aren’t; they just have different concepts of the terms being used.

So let’s put this in stark terms.

The question is: When will sales of 64-bit processors (of any time) constitute 50% or more of the desktop market?

Here is my prediction:

64-bit desktop sales won’t exceed 50% until Intel makes it so with IA64, x86-64 or something else. If AMD succeeds with x86-64 and Intel jumps on the bandwagon (20% chance), it won’t happen
on the desktop until the end of 2005/early 2006 (Xeons could be a different story).

What will probably happen is that Intel will introduce a 64-bit workstation chip not based on x86-64 in 2006/7 and get it to the desktop
a year or two after that.

Alright, I’ve made my prediction in terms everyone can understand. Now it’s your turn.

In a hundred words or less, say when you think sales of 64-bit processors will take 50% of the desktop market AND why.

We will put up all the reasonably coherent comments that follow the instructions Monday (and make note of those who couldn’t follow these simple instructions, sort of a geek reading comprehension test).

Onw hundred words (or a few more). Not two hundred. Not five hundred. I did it in 79 words; so can you.

If you send me a comment on this between now and Monday, you agree to let us publish your name and email address. If you don’t want that, don’t write me until Tuesday on this. This is for the record.

You know where to find me.

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