Putting Atom In Its Proper Place

How many of these netbooks are being sold?

During its earnings conference call, Intel provided some quantification on how its Atom platform is selling:

Third quarter revenue for Atom based microprocessors and associated chipsets was approximately $200 million . . .

It’s probably pretty safe to say that Intel is getting somewhere between $50-75 average for the processor and chipset.  Let’s assume $60. 

Divide $200 million by $60, and you get about 3.3 million units.  The preliminary estimate for PC sales for the quarter is around 80 million, so when you 3.3 million/80 million, you get about a 4% marketshare. 

That’s certainly pretty good for a product line that’s only a couple quarters old, but it’s not world-conquering, either.  Yet.   


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