Radiate – Version II

SUMMARY: Kevin Croft has updated Radiate to make it an indispensible CPU cooling tool.


Radiate is one of those little utilities that, over time, becomes a MUST tool. Kevin Croft, Radiate’s author, has just updated it such that it now gives users a tool to make some informed decisions on heatsink buying.

The screen shot above shows what has been added – it is now possible to estimate heatsink performance for any conceivable combination of heatsink and CPU. Kevin sent some notes on these changes:

“You can now drag your ambient temp & CPU temp and it’ll calculate the C/W
ratio – or you can go the other way – drag the C/W ratio and it’ll calculate the CPU temp – or drag the MHz and Voltage and watch the CPU temp change, given a fixed C/W value – or drag the MHz and Voltage and watch the C/W value change given a fixed CPU temp!

It’s really slick for doing endless “What-If” scenarios.

It now has a ‘Coolers’ database to keep track of all the latest C/W rating
for the coolers out there.

The coolest part for you guys is this: The databases are now updated via the web, and you guys can add new coolers to your coolers.dat file (just drag the C/W slider, type a name for the cooler and click ‘Add’).

Then make your coolers.dat file web-accessible, and tell your users to
update their radiate settings to point to the web file – the next time the
user clicks “Web Update”, viola – they are using your coolers.dat file!

This way everyone can be reading your review of the cooler – and playing a
what-if game in Radiate with their processor and the cooler you just

Sounds like a lot I know, but the simplicity is still there.

Thanks Fellas! – I hope you enjoy using Radiate as much as I enjoyed writing it – hopefully I can keep adding new features that help us even more in the future.”

Kevin Croft

All I can say is:


Installing Radiate is very simple – it comes with its own installer, so just download the file, unzip and run it (always Virus Scan first!!). Once installed, you will need to access the internet to install the needed data files, so boot up your connection before installing. The file is 494k.

Update (10/27/10): Download links removed, this application is 10 years old and no longer works.

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