Rat Poison and Radeons

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A long time ago, I was in some sort of training class that had something to do with working as a team, and we were given this hypothetical problem to solve.

It involved people getting sick, some quite seriously, from eating in the corporate cafeteria, and our job was to figure out why and what to do about it. It was sort of a non-video video game, ask the right question to the God-designate, and you got an additional piece to the puzzle.

During this exercise, I noticed that some members of the team were quite reluctant to get to the bottom of this. Mind you, this was a pure paper exercise.

To make a long story short, we found out that people were getting sick from the coffee, and the reason why was that someone from the company running the cafeteria (btw, an outside company) had mistakenly been cleaning the coffee urns with rat poison.

I will never forget the immediate reaction of one of the participants (admittedly, one of the dimmer bumbs), “How do we cover this up?” And she was not the only one. This entire team of perhaps ten people had to be told that maybe the first thing they ought to do is stop the sale of coffee in the cafeteria.

Let me make this clear. This was a pure paper exercise. Even on paper, nobody in the group could be blamed for what happened. Not even anyone in the company could be blamed for this, this was no weird test of corporate loyalty. Nonetheless, the instinct was, “Cover up.”

What is going on with these Catalyst 3.8 drivers reminds me so much of that experience.

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