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A very robust freeware photo editor that has Photoshop-like features.

I am continually amazed at the quality of freeware apps – the good guys that take the time and effort to create top-quality freeware tools deserve a special place in PC heaven for their accomplishments. I came across RealWorld a while ago and just now started to take a look at it – and you should also! I have just scratched the surface of its robust feature set and find many features echo Photoshop.

After downloading a 6.34 MB file and installing, you see this opening screen:



Note that there are Tutorials available – a great help to understand the app’s capabilities. Click on Open, select a file and you get to the good stuff:



Along the top are drop-down menus to access the feature set. On the right side you see features that open by clicking on the down-arrows:



These are the options for Layers – reminds me of Photoshop and gives you LOTS of flexibility to add interesting effects to an image.

Finally there is Documentation available on-line which, if you spend some time reading, will quickly enhance your capabilities.



Overall this is one you should check out – it’s a small download but packs lots of capabilities, especially if you want to dress-up camera photos.



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