Remarking? Why Now?

The differences between prices on high-end and low-end Intel chips have never been closer. There’s less room for profit in remarking than ever before.

And NOW all of a sudden remarkers crawl out of the woodwork and are all over the place?

I think not.

I don’t doubt the tales you’re hearing are more or less true. What I greatly doubt is that this represents any sudden increase in remarking activity.

When tales of remarkers suddenly pop up, it usually means some anti-remarking measure is on the way, and the tales come up to justify the action.

Not saying Intel’s going to lock up absolutely everything, not at all. The last time this happened, all Intel ended up doing was come out with a CPUID program to
identify remarked chips. Maybe this time around, Intel’s intent is to do something to inhibit reseller from buying from the gray market which is making a mockery of official pricing. Possibly news stories is all they plan
upon. Maybe there will be more than that.

Just saying don’t be surprised if Intel does something, then points to the remarker story as the reason why they “had” to do it.

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