Replacement Shroud for Thermochill HE120.2 series Radiators

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DIY Project – Marc Coyles

With watercooling becoming more and more popular, demand is increasing for less noise whilst retaining performance. An easy way to accomplish this for the ThermoChill series of radiators is to replace the default shrouds for something a tad more “substantial”

Improved shrouds are commercially available, but so far the ones that have been sent to us at ThermoChill to look at have all been slightly wrong, overhanging the rad or making mounting the fans too difficult. The BEST shroud replacement we’ve seen is by Taiwanese company “MonsterShop” who produce 2 gorgeous shrouds for the HE120.2 and 120.3 radiator; however, buying from Taiwan isn’t exactly the most economic way to do things when a jigsaw and a sheet of 2 mm aluminium are all that’s required…

Here is a quick and easy technical drawing to allow you to fabricate your own…!


For the full A3 format PDF File, head to HERE (if you get a linearized data error, right click link and use save as).

Happy Shrouding!!


Marc A Coyles


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