Revo Uninstaller – A Freeware Gem

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Revo Uninstaller can get rid of programs you can’t delete with the Windows program deleter – and it does much more!

This is one of those programs that makes the Windows uninstaller look downright primitive. I have had instances where I could not uninstall a program using the embedded Windows tool and it just made me crazy. I came across Revo Uninstaller and I don’t have this problem anymore. In addition there are other features for tidying up your hard drive that makes Revo Uninstaller a very nice utility to have on your PC.


After installing, the opening screen:


Clicking on a programs will launch a more complete uninstall than Windows; right-clicking on a program will open the following options:



There are Options for each function – this for the Uninstaller:



Under the Tools button you can get a “Tracks Cleaner” which will clean out unwanted files form various applications:



Evidence Remover and Unrecoverable Delete enable you to permanently delete files – after using these tools, there is no way to recover a deleted file even when using file recovery programs.



The Optimization tab enables three utilities which to tune-up your PC:



The Autorun Manager works great – I finally disabled a number of start-up programs which I never use but I found impossible to stop with Windows tools.

Overall a great freeware utility that is well supported and frequently updated – a very nice tool to keep things humming. There is a very good Manual on the website that goes into detail for each function – read it to get the most out of this tool.



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