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Tomorrow, we’ll hear about the 3.06GHz and reams about hyperthreading.

Call me whatever, but I find it hard to believe that HT can only be found in the 3.06. Not impossible, just hard.

I think it more likely that C1 stepping chips have HT enabled.

Until very recently, we haven’t had the pieces in place to find out.

To get hyperthreading to work, you need the following:

  • You need a CPU that supports HT.
  • You need a motherboard that supports HT
  • You need an OS that supports HT, and
  • You need a utility that recognizes HT.

    Only now do we have all the pieces available. So . . . .

    1) IF you have a C1 stepping PIV AND

    2) You have it in a PIV board listed here or one in which a BIOS update states that HT is enabled and you’ve flashed that update AND

    There are a few 845E boards that currently support HT. The Asus P4B533 series does (beginning with BIOS 1011). The Gigabyte GA8IHXP (BIOS F7) and GA-8IE533 (BIOS F4). The Iwill P4E series does. On the RDRAM side, the Asus P4T533-C (BIOS 1008) supports HT. There may be some others.

    3) You are running Windows XP AND

    4) You have or are willing to download Sandra 2003.

    If you meet all the criteria, I would like if you could please doing the following:

    1) Open Sandra. Click on “CPU Arithmetic Benchmark.”

    2) After the test is complete, expand the lower half of the Sandra screen as shown below:


    The item I’m interested in is “HTT – Hyper-Threading Technology.” If C1s generally support HT, there should be a check rather than an “X” by it.

    3) Please send me a screenshot of what you get including the Processor and Feature information.

    4) Please also tell me what motherboard you are using.

    The Purpose Of All This?

    If HT is enabled on all C1 stepping chips, then there is no need to buy a 3.06GHz chip now or later to get whatever benefits there may be to hyperthreading. You can buy a much cheaper lower-speed C1 stepping PIV instead.

    This could save some people a lot of money, so please help if you can.

    Update: We’re aware of the VR-Zone article. We’re going at this from a different angle, and trying to document what does or doesn’t happen when a number of people try this.


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