Rig o’ the Quarter Goes to BlueZero’s Project Wraith

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Huge congratulations are due to BlueZero for winning the last Rig o’ the ___ of 2012! In this case, due to so few entries for October, it ended up being Rig o’ the Quarter for the 4th quarter of 2012. This led to a huge competition of 18 systems in a democratic-style vote off. BlueZero came out ahead in a big way, bringing in almost 35% of the votes (the next-closest competitor had 10%).

Without further adieu, we bring to you BlueZero’s amazing Project Wraith, complete with customized BIOS. This was pulled from his entry post.


  • CM Storm Trooper Chassis
  • ASUS Rampage 4 Extreme with VRMs watercooled
  • Core i7 3930k 5.0Ghz (1.52V vcore) on Koolance CPU-370
  • 1 x DVD r/w CD (for DVD region 1)
  • 1 x DVD + Blu-Ray r/w (for DVD region 3)
  • select1: GTX680 SLI @1250Mhz with Koolance waterblocks
  • select2: HD7970 @ 1300Mhz with EK waterblock
  • 32Gb GSkill Trident 2400 DDR3 10-10-12-26 T1
  • BlackIce 120+240+240 (20-30 FPI) Radiators (max core temp at 70’c)
  • 3 x 27″ LED monitor with Corsair Vengeance Mouse and Keyboard.


  • Customed Pre-BIOS selection, allowing Custom set up.
  • :allowing me to load pre-set settings, and select GPU set up of my choice. (self coded)
  • Modified AP-30 4250 RPM fans. PWM mod makes it runs quiet.
  • Sound insulating foam coating for the entire interior. – Photo3
  • Self Modified Lighting system, system changes color according to sys load.
  • :from 50% and under, just UV tubes.
  • :from 50-85%, blue LED on fans light up.
  • :from 85% up, red LED takes over. (usually only under stress tests.)
  • Modified 4 inches tall leg, so bottom radiator can exhaust with lower pressure.
  • All Radiators have push/pull config. (a total of 15 fans in the system)

First, here’s the outside windowed side panel. Lights are off, so the load is light. I also used the old side panel as back panel for my desk, so I have some cable space there, with wind circulation. You can see my computer has rather tall legs, (4inches), this is to ensure the bottom radiator exhausts at good efficiency.

BlueZero's Project Wraith
BlueZero’s Project Wraith

 Here’s the desk set up – 3 monitors, 27″ in the middle, with 3D enabled. I am kinda big about the surround visual and audio. For speakers you can see I use the sound stix, which are on the bottom of the two left/right screens, with a sub-woofer on the ground.

BlueZero's Project Wraith
BlueZero’s Project Wraith

Here’s some of the audio insulating foam. It works well and is applied to the entire unit. On the right, you will see the Water blocks for the CPU and PCH My mobo is the R4E, for which Koolance makes custom water cooling blocks. It has been a huge blessing, as my VRM was always overheating. Here you can also see the bottom radiator and the back radiator more clearly. The top radiator is taken out for this picture, buy you can see the room left for it.

BlueZero's Project Wraith
BlueZero’s Project Wraith

Here’re the tubing in normal light, still clear after 6 months. (Distilled and silver does the trick.) The top radiator is now back in, using Reeven 2k RPM fans, which are quite nice.

Top right:
For the chassis the top three/bottom three bays are modified to be a wind tunnel. Shown here is the top 3 bays. The Fan is an AP-30, with PWM mod; if it is always at 100%, it can be loud, so this is a must.   The flow indicator is also visible in this sector, so I can get a visual of the flow if required. My reservoir here is just an XSPC single bay res with distill and Silver kill coil inside.

Bottom right:
here is a show of the Pre-Bios load up screen, this is programmed to load before the System BIOS.

BlueZero's Project Wraith
BlueZero’s Project Wraith

Here are some different color examples. My color goes on as CPU load is different. Blue LED lites up when CPU loads hits 50% and Red LED automatically lights up at high CPU load. Bottom left you see a HDMI changer, as you can imagine I might need since I sometimes swap GPU choice, this HDMI changer comes with a remote with the receiver on the desk, so when I change GPU, I just click the remote for the monitors to be hooked up properly.

BlueZero's Project Wraith
BlueZero’s Project Wraith

For his full build log, check out his thread here.

Congratulations BlueZero on a well deserved acknowledgement of a  job very well done!!

Also, it’s January 1st, 2013, so Happy New Year from all of us here at Overclockers!

-Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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