Sales, Market Share, ASP

How AMD and Intel are doing. — Ed

Fourth Quarter 2001


AMD:  7.8 million processors sold
Intel: 34.0 million processors sold

Market Share:

AMD: 19%
Intel:  81%

Average Selling Price (ASP):

AMD:  $90
Intel: $155

Trends: Intel gained back roughly 4% of market share towards the end of 2001 at the cost of dropping its average selling price almost 25% from what it was at the end of 2000.

Though AMD has lost market share, that has been more than made up by an increase in its ASP from $75 in Q2 and $60 in Q3 to $90 in Q4.

Expect total number of processors to drop a bit next quarter, market share to stay around the same, but expect ASPs for both AMD and Intel to be higher.

Sources: For AMD units sold and CPU revenue (from which AMD ASP derived): AMD 4Q Conference Call Transcript, for Intel unit sales and ASP: Semiconductor International

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