Sales Next Week: CompUSA


Product: Epson Perfection 1200U Scanner – $149.97

Limitations: One to a customer.

Offered by Best Buy, Staples, or Office Max? No.

This is more an availability buy than a huge bargain (though it’s still lower than anything on Pricewatch). The 1200U is a top-rated (both by reviewers and owners) 1200X2400 scanner, and has been very hard to come by lately. While it’s a
recently discontinued model, there’s a good argument to be made that it is better than its successor, the 1240U (low price for it on Pricewatch about $165). The 1200U is a sturdier machine than the 1240U (Epson is shifting from metal to plastic in its new scanners.). It has an on/off switch, unlike the 1240U, which saves on lamp life. It’s scanning speed is
a little faster than the 1240U (6.5msec compared to 7). On the other hand, the 1240U is a 42-bit internal/external scanner while the 1200U is a 36-bit internal/24-bit external scanner, and has a few handy one-touch buttons the 1200U doesn’t.

Essentially, if you have to have more resolution than what the typical consumer-level scanner will give you, and you don’t like what you see from the 1240U, take a look at this one.

I haven’t seen this one around CompUSA, so don’t be surprised if you don’t, and be ready to make an advance purchase on Sunday if you really want it.

Teac CDR58 8X8X32 CD-RW Drive – $99.97

Limitations: None

Offered by Best Buy, Staples or Office Max? No

It’s not the Iomega deal, but if you need a high-quality CD-RW and can’t wait, this is a better deal than anything else out there next week.

More to come tomorrow.

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