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Here’s an item I overlooked, not entirely sure it’s the best deal in the universe, but it’s not bad:

Belkin Home Office Grade SurgeMaster ™ with 7 outlets, 550 Joules and fax/modem protection

Model number:F5C572-TEL

CompUSA SKU: 136954

Price: $9.99.

While we’re on the subject of CompUSA, if any of you are over there over the next few days, could you take a quick look at the scanner section, and see if they have any Perfection 1200U in that store? I’m just curious.


Some might think the Umax Astra 3400/Lexmark Z22 combo for a net $99.98 after many rebates is good, but it isn’t. Only 56% of owners liked the Umax (compared to close to 90% for the Epsons we’ve been talking about). You can still get at least an advance purchase of the Perfection 636U for the same price, no rebate hassle.

The Lexmark printer is a cheap one, but you can get that at Staples or Office Max and use both the $30 manufacturer’s rebate plus any store rebate Staples or Office Max has (see below). Finally, if you really hellbent on this combo, you can wangle the same thing from for a net $55. See for details.

Cheap cordless phones are all around for next week: BestBuy has simple VTech phones for as low as $19.99 and Toshiba phones for as little as $29.99.

This is more funny than anything else, but BestBuy is also offering a 400-pack of generic 12X CD-Rs for $89.99. If you’re interested in this, you need to get a life. 🙂


If you need a computer bundle for Grandma, and she won’t take your castoffs, Staples has something that doesn’t look too bad. It’s a low-end Compaq Presario with a Duron 700, 64Mb RAM, 20Gb hard drive, CD-ROM and a modem. Grandma lays out $620, gets $220 back in rebates for a net cost of $400.
If Grandma decides to sign up with Internet Slavery Provider MSN for three years, that’s another $400 rebate check.

Don’t buy the Compaq monitor/printer bundle. Rather than a 15″ monitor, you can get Grandma a 17″ Philips 107S monitor for $179.98 – $50 rebate = $130.00, plus any Staples store rebate you can apply. Not a sterling piece of technology, but the owners seemed to like it for the price.

No point going to the store; Staples will offer free shipping, and then you can use the wide variety of online rebates they have to offer. Take a look at for them. Staples even has a rebate center where you can track their rebates online.

You don’t go to Staples for a processor. They’ll generally have things like printers and scanners and accessories. In general, the approach you should take is to see how much of a rebate you can get from the store, see what the price is, and see if the rebate knocks the price below that of Pricewatch.

Office Max

For big ticket items, OfficeMax has a $50 off on a $250 purchase for Internet sales only (and has just put up a number of smaller ones). If you’re in the market for a printer, you can occasionally do better than Pricewatch with the rebate. They also have a booklet containing all the rebates for the month, which is quite handy.

I doubt these are very good, but they sure are cheap: you can get an IBM PC Camera for $9.99 after rebate; the same from Kensington for $19.99 (but see below), and one from Logitech for $29.99.

You can get Hauppauge’s low-end Win-TV Go for no-frills TV watching on your PC for $39.99.

Circuit City

I’m going by hearsay on this one, but on Sunday and Monday only, a Kensington PC camera is supposed to be only $4.99 after rebates, and Netgear 10/100 PCI ethernet cards $9.99 after rebates. A no-name (well, if you had a name like I/O Magic, you’d rather be known as a no-name, too) 40X CD-ROM for a net $5. Supposedly free after rebates are a Zenith universal TV remote, and more importantly, 30 packs of TDK Certified Plus CD-Rs. (Apparently, TDK Certified aren’t very good, you should be looking for the “Plus” and Made in USA on these.) The vultures are already swiping up the last items, guess Circuit City has price adjustment, too.

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