Saying Goodbye to Lvcoyote

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Matt Ring (mdcomp), Edvard (from EKWB) and Dino DeCesari (lvcoyote) at the Ice Bar (from left to right)

On Saturday morning, the world lost a wonderful person in Dino DeCesari, aka Lvcoyote, an editor and moderator. According to his wife, Dino passed away in his sleep at the age of 56.

Although he joined in 2002, his involvement took a massive leap when he began writing for the front page in April 2012. Over the past 3+ years, he contributed more than 200 articles. He volunteered countless hours reviewing items and editing the articles of others for the benefit of the readers of Dino later became a forums moderator, where his calm demeanor and sage advice were invaluable to the community and myself personally.

I was fortunate enough to spend several days the past few years with Dino and his wife Jodi in-person at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Every year, he would drive all the way from Washington down to Arizona to visit his parents and help them with various projects/home repairs. He then drove over to Las Vegas to meet up with me and other colleagues at CES. Even though the convention tickets were free to members of the press, we were not provided any financial subsidy for hotel, transportation or food costs. Dino took it upon himself to finance his own trip each year to ensure the continued existence of partnerships among all of the manufacturers we work with and report on the latest product launches for the benefit of our readers. He was not paid for his time or services, but simply felt it was his duty to contribute to the community in any way that he could.

Matt Ring (mdcomp), Edvard (from EKWB) and Dino DeCesari (lvcoyote) at the Ice Bar (from left to right)
Matt Ring (mdcomp), Edvard (from EKWB) and Dino DeCesari (lvcoyote) at the Ice Bar in January 2014 at CES (from left to right)

In getting to know Dino both professionally and personally, I can say that he was one of the most patient, hard-working and generous people I have ever met. Along with coaching other writers and toiling over his own reviews, he spent much time working behind the scenes to help ensure the community ran smoothly. He was always the first to volunteer to wake up at 5am to publish articles on CPU launch days!

Outside of, Dino also contributed to his local community. Just a few weeks ago, he was helping to evacuate friends in his area as the wildfires spread near his hometown of Omak, Washington. Not only that, he was involved in local politics serving on the City Council. His hobbies included running and leading fitness classes in his spare time, called Boot Camp. He was always giving me a hard time about getting in shape! There was no shortage of humor from Dino, despite all the serious traits mentioned previously.

Dino at CES
Dino at CES

On a personal note, Dino was always the source of wisdom and inspiration for me. He always offered his help whenever I had a question about life, work or home repairs. He did a lot of do-it-yourself work at his own house in Omak, Washington, as you could imagine.

If you are interested, here is some more information from the Omak local government website, where Dino served on town council:

City Council member DeCesari has been serving since June of 2008. He enjoys helping the City of Omak and its residents maintain the great lifestyle that Omak has to offer.

Dino was born in Madera, California and raised in a military family. Growing up as a military brat, he was able to see many parts of the United States and Europe. After graduating from Kaiserslaughtern American High School in Germany, he followed in his father’s footsteps and served in the U.S. Army. Dino’s military service took him to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas where he worked at the Intelligence Communication Center. After his discharge, he embarked on a business career that spanned over twenty-five years. He worked primarily in the transportation industry and in some of the west coast’s largest cities including Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Dino moved to Okanogan County in 2002 and to Omak in 2003. He retired in 2008 shortly after selling his auto parts business. His wife Jodi, a native of Okanogan County, is the manager of a workforce development organization in Omak. His son, daughter in law, and two granddaughters live in Rhode Island.

It is impossibly to quantify Dino’s contributions to this community, but if you can mention just one thing Dino did to help, inform or entertain you, I am sure it would mean a lot to his family and friends. Anything you can share would be a great tribute to the life of someone who did nothing but give to this community, his local community and his family.

Matt Ring (mdcomp)

About Matt Ring 142 Articles
Matt Ring has been part of the community for 20+ years. He built his first computer at age 12 and has been hooked on computer hardware and overclocking ever since. For the past 10 years, Matt has worked in technology for internet and software companies. These days, Matt focuses on editing and behind the scenes work to keep humming.

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Senior Moment Senior Member

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wow, just wow. My prayers will go out to his family. I didnt know him, but he was most definitely part of our family here.
not even sure what to say

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Unscathed Member

2,281 messages 2 likes

Very sad to hear, I always read through his reviews on the front page.

R.I.P Dino

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Benching Team Leader

16,963 messages 162 likes

Rest in Peace.

He was a wonderful person, always incredibly helpful throughout the forum and assisted in editing most or all of my reviews in a polite and constructive manner.

He will be missed.

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Mr. Clean Senior Member

13,397 messages 6 likes

Wow, I find it a bit strange that you can never meet someone in person but you can get a feeling of what type of person he or she is through forums such as this. Dino was always helpful and I enjoyed his articles/reviews very much. May he rest in peace!

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Premium Member

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Rest in Peace Dino. My prayers are with your family.

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"That Backfired" Senior Member

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One of the best reviewers in the community, I wish I could have been fortunate enough to meet him in person. Dino was always kind enough to answer any questions I had about his reviews. To the family and friends who did know him I offer my deepest condolences.

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Destroyer of Trolls & Spammers

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This gives one pause to realize how fragile we are and how precious life is.
My OC Forums regrets brother.

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Water Cooled Moderator

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I've known Dino for the better part of a decade. He was a good friend and just plain a good man. He not only did a lion's share of work here, he was also an integral part of his community in Washington. I had the privilege of meeting him in person as well and he was just as magnetic in person as he was online. It's a huge loss for our community, for his town, and for the world at large. He is, and will continue to be, sorely missed.

We miss you, brother; may you rest in peace.

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Señor Senior, Senior

11,926 messages 220 likes

Tho we used to joke about about having the same name (Dino), he was a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I used to mention if I was near his neck of the woods I'd buy beer/lunch.

My condolences to his Family. I'll have a beer in your name. R.I.P.

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Senior of BX

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Way to young.

You will be missed

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