Scott’s $25 Water Cooled System

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UPDATE 8/25/00:

A lot of people want to know details on my water pump. I purchased a Rio 180 at Reef Fanatic and it’s 120gph.

To mount the water block I’m using zip ties and 2 metal thingies I made from a slot cover. I’m including a rendering (below); it’s just a short piece of the slot cover with 2 holes drilled in it and one end goes over the socket clips and the zip ties go through the other end. Cheesy and delicious.


And some people want to know why I cant get any higher than 400. I suspect it’s the motherboard, it’s a cheap PC-Chips board that is spec’d to max at 350.


I just finished my first water cooler and thought I’d send you a note for the help of your web page and I figured if nuts like you could do it I could too. 🙂


I took a 1 1/4″ PVC end cap and used household goop to stick it to a 2″x2″ piece of lapped aluminum with 2 brass nipples to make my water block. With a $10 RIO water pump and everything else the whole project cost me $25.

Waterblock Closeup

I’m not using a radiator; I use a large plastic bucket* as a resevoir and it seems to handle all the heat I can throw at it without the temps climbing any. Might be a different story when I get my Duron but for now it’s working great.

The plastic bucket works – it will get to some equilibrium temp and hold there. The temp of the water will depend on how many gallons the bucket holds – the large the better. I use CPUIdle, so when nothing’s running it gets a chance to cool off some.


If things do get too hot, I’ve got someone with a car air conditioner coil I can have that I might throw on. I also had an idea of cutting 2 holes in the top of my bucket and putting on a fan that will blow air across the surface of the water and would cool it by evaporation. I’m trying to avoid fans at the moment, though, as that would mean I’d have to add water to the system as it evaporated.

Results: My K6-2 350 overclocked to 400 was at 120F with a bigass heatsink and double fans but with water cooling runs at 90F. Not too bad!

I played some games on it yesterday for about 6 hours straight and the CPU temp did rise about 4 degrees, so I’m assuming the water temp went up that much too. It’s still got a great low temp though.

*How well this works.

Scott Tuttle


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