Sell Or Else . . .

Digitimes recently pointed out that sales of Vista-based notebooks are going to soar shortly.

Why? Because most people aren’t going to get any choice in the matter since, “Microsoft has ruled that branded makers upgrade all of their consumer notebooks to the new OS by March or the company will suspend its marketing subsidy.”

Somehow I suspect the same is true on the desktop side, too.

Funny, MS is now treating Windows XP like the enemy, like Linux, for God’s sake.

Really, what’s the rush? What’s the hurry? Why the need to force people into taking Vista immediately, especially in the notebook area, where extra resources are more expensive, and things like battery life matter more than hot video tricks?

If Vista is so good, why is MS so afraid to give people a choice in the matter? After all, if people buy XP now and decide on Vista later, MS ends up getting paid twice.

Is MS really so afraid of a flop that they have to rig the game? What price is MS willing to pay for a “success,” to be able to claim at some, probably many points “Vista must be good, it’s the greatest success in MS history?”

How many customer problems, how much customer misery, is it worth to make that claim for a product and surrounding environment that can most fairly be described as stripped-down, half-baked and a resource pig, a product that is probably at least six months away from being really finished?

Maybe more importantly, what would a Vista “success” on such terms mean inside MS? Wouldn’t it say, “We can put out any old stripped down, half-baked, resource pig, and make it fly?” Wouldn’t that encourage more of the same in future products?

You know, the less-than-ideal status of Vista disturbs me far less than this full-court press to force people into buying it. It’s not that I’m against people buying Vista; I’m against people being forced into buying it, which for practical purposes all this OEM stuff means.

This is beginning to remind me of those Communist “elections” where it was proudly announced that X candidate got 99.9% of the vote. They never quite understood that this was less than impressive when there was only one person to vote for.

That’s not exactly a good role model to emulate, Redmond.

I don’t know, is this force-feeding something that overly bothers me, or does it bother others, too? You have the email address, let me know, either way.


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