September 11 and Intel

From: Palmer, Graham
To: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 5:33 AM
Subject: – incorrect comment on Intel re US disaster

To all at Overclockers,

I am the PR manager for Intel over in the UK, I’d like to clarify (correct)
a story you have posted………concerning the dreadful events in the US
last week

You incorrectly state, the extent of Intel’s actions following these dreadful
actions has only been to post a message on our web site, this is in fact

Intel already made a $1 million grant to the American Red Cross for relief
efforts. In addition Intel sites are collecting donations from employees
which Intel will then match.

Locally within the US Intel is providing information on blood drives and at
some locations, holding blood drives.

I’m sure you will want to accurately report the facts to your readers.

Here’s what we said in response:

We’ve published your email in {this article}. While we are glad to report Intel is actually doing something, we don’t understand why your department did not and has not reported these facts to your website readers.

Email Ed

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