Show Me You Love Me

A few folks have made a little more from some comments made by Michael Dell than seem warranted.

He said he was “interested.” He’s always going to be “interested.” He has to be “interested” for the same reason the hottest cheerleader babe in high school flirts with guys other than her current boyfriend. It keeps the boyfriend from taking her for granted.

In the PC industry, Dell is the hottest babe around, and she just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter.

Intel is the long-time boyfriend. Dell’s been faithful, but Dell gets sweetheart deals for staying Intel’s sweetheart.

Like the cheerleader, Dell isn’t interested in a ring. She’s looking out for Number One, and flirting costs nothing. If somebody else can do better, she’ll take it, but no matter what, she’ll keep her current boy toy very attentive to her needs.

This is what makes the discussion at the Merrill Lynch conference so interesting. Jerry Sanders essentially said, “Yo, Michelle, mine is going to be 64 bits long. Can your boyfriend Craig match me?”

Jerry is playing a game of his own. He knows Michelle is a flirt, but he figures if he can get the Big Man In School to imitate him, that should greatly improve his luck with the girls even if he doesn’t end up with Michelle.

Decisions, decisions. What’s Michelle going to do? Does she just flirt with Jerry until Craig starts buying her better presents? Does she threaten to leave Craig unless he can give her 64 bits just like Jerry? Will she do both?

If push comes to shove, and Craig says “32 is enough for you,” will she leave, or will she settle for more goodies?

I think Michelle will fuss and pout and try more than a little to get Craig to follow Jerry, but when push comes to shove, she’ll settle for more goodies from Craig, augmented or not.

Do we ever outgrow high school? 🙂


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