Shuttle AK31 Voltage Mod

A How-To that gets voltage beyond 1.85 volts. — Doctor.

OK, here we go. To do the voltage mod on the AK-31, you need to go to Radio Shack and pick up a 47K variable resistor/potentiometer.


This one is small – about ½” long.

Go here for a cool little clip that will pinch right onto the IC leg. No need to solder your precious board.

Here we go…

Turn your puter off, and unplug it!

There are three terminals on the potentiometer. Connect the center terminal on the potentiometer to a wire you have soldered onto the IC Clip you purchased above. Connect one of the outer terminals of the potentiometer to a wire that you have soldered to a terminal connector that is suitable to fit under one of your mobo’s mounting screws – this is a ground.

Get your ohm meter connected to your wires, and turn the potentiometer in the direction that gets you the MAXIMUM resistance. REMEMBER the direction you need to turn it for max/min.

Connect the wire with the terminal connector to the mobo mounting screw on the upper left hand corner of your mobo. Connect the IC Clip to leg #7 of the “HIP6301CB” Voltage controller IC – it’s the one next to the upper left corner of the processor socket as shown below:


Boot your machine up into the Voltage/Frequency screen in your BIOS. Now, while watching the voltage monitor, SLOWLY turn the potentiometer in the direction to LOWER the resistance. You will see the voltage rise. I have mine set to 2.2 as maximum. You can now use the BIOS to LOWER the voltage if you like.

Good luck with your new found POWER!

Of course, I hold no responsibility for smoke, fire, or electrocution! Do this at your own risk!

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HIP6301 Data Sheet

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