Simulated CPU Large Die Tester

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Summary: Simulated CPU large die tester simulate CPUs with an IHS.


The die measures 1 1/8″ square; a thermocouple is grooved into the simulated die top to measure temps.

I was very fortunate to receive a simulated die from Thermalright – what’s nice about this setup is that it accommodates just about every CPU mounting scheme around.

I epoxied to the base of the die two heaters to simulate CPU temps, Minco #HK5264. I made thermal epoxy by mixing Arctic Silver thermal grease with five minute epoxy to glue the heaters to the die’s base. I insulated the bottom of the die to minimize heat loss.

The heaters are powered by a Laboratory Power Supply capable of producing up to 180 watts – more than enough to stress a heatsink. The heaters are wired together so that they are powered equally through the power supply.

Temps are measured using an Omega Digital Thermometer; one thermocouple is embedded in the die and one is used to measure air temps at the fan’s intake.

I will cross-check this setup with temps measured by a motherboard setup to ascertain how they correlate.

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