Two questions:

  1. Of the computer hardware site you frequent, which do you like the best visually?

  2. How important is the visual look in accessing the site?

Please do not include There are no right or wrong answers – someone will receive a goody just for responding – drawn at random.

1/30: I found your responses quite interesting – they supported my view that visually Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware are two sites that are easy on the eyes, visually pleasing and fairly easy to navigate. I did find in interesting that Hard OCP was also among the top mentions, a site that is visually quite different from the other two.

There were scattered mentions of other sites with Ars Technica and XBIT Labs leading the pack behind the top three.

As pleasing as a site might be, you affirmed that content is king – as I think it should be.

Thanks to all for responding – Steve Walker was picked at random and will receive two Mini LED Flash Fans.

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