Skip One or Two

Got quite a bit of mail on this. Thanks to all those who responded!

You basically told me one of two things:

(Most of you) “I used my video card until it was awful at the game I was playing. Then I upgraded (almost always a two-three generation video jump), and boy, did it help.”

(The rest) “I wanted to improve my gaming experience (more eye candy, higher resolutions), so I bought (again, usually a couple generation jump) to get that, and I (pretty much) got that.”

The key phrase in all this is “couple of generation jump.” If you jumped two-three generations, for whatever reason, you were just about always happy with your purchase (and the bigger the jump, the happier you were).

Those who replaced more quickly, say to the next generation, were much less satisfied with their purchases.

Run It ‘Til It Sucks

If there were one general message, that’s what it is. This is good advice. 🙂

A secondary message probably would be, “When you buy, skip at least one or even better two generations of cards.”

I think the combination of the two will make it very hard for you to be disappointed in any future video card purchase.

No doubt many if not most of you will say, “Well, DUH” to this. This article is for those for whom this is not a “DUH.” 🙂

Thanks again!

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